In connection with its concept for cooperation with small and medium business and striving to offer quality to shippers, as well as speed and security of supply to which customers are accustomed to this point, BULEM LOGISTIC has declared a policy of partnership in the conduct of operations by offering a clear program based on the following principles:

• Excellent solvency;
• Fast and secure payment of transportation invoices;
• Bank and cash payments;
• Long-term partnerships and constant contact with our employees;
• Employment of cars throughout the year.
• Transportation to / from EU with a BULEM LOGISTIC LTD trailer and tractor of the respective partner;
• Transportation to / from EU for entire compositions;

Preconditions for partnership with BULEM LOGISTIC LTD

• Valid transport license;
• Permits;
• CMR-insurance;
• Reliable and well-trained drivers;
• Cars eligible for international transport requirements.

Our successful cooperation will provide new impetus to your business and an opportunity for demonstration on international markets for freight transportation.







Where we are:


52, Slivnitsa blvd., office 16
9000 Varna, BULGARIA
tel.: +359 52 633157
fax: +359 52 633096

Managing Director
+359 894 499588
+359 888 679120

Refrigerated transport
+359 888 232733

Freight forwarding
+359 894 499595

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